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Please Vote for Ken Arnold, a citizen-statesman to serve all in the district.

Recruited by local party leadership, I am not a politician or lawyer but have agreed to run and serve out of a sense of duty and debt to the county, state and country that I love and out of grave concerns for the future of the people of this state and for ethical, democratic, and responsive government.

I have many issues and areas of concern, but selected the key themes of reason, service and good government for my campaign.

Reason; in that we now see too many politicians blindly following political and economic “ideologies” which they do not fully understand and often misapply. This results in bad policies, regulations and legislation. I will use my knowledge, intellect and experience to fight the politicians, lobbyists and outside interests that attempt to use junk science, distorted statistics, flawed logic and bad economics to push agendas that are not in the public's best interest.

Service; in that public service and the general good were the motive and purpose envisioned by the founding fathers for our elected officials in a democracy. If elected, I will serve as the representative of ALL the citizens of this district and will do my best to be available to attentively and thoughtfully hear and respond to all consistuents' needs and concerns. That should be the duty of every elected official in a representative democracy.

Good government; in that I am interested in seeing our tax dollars used wisely. I want the state government only responsible for those items that are necessary and appropriate for the state's involvement and want those to be performed as effectively and efficiently as possible, making best use of our tax dollars. I can apply my many years of experience in business to those goals. With a good career in information technology to return to and no great political aspirations, I will not be spending my time in office overly concerned about fund raising or re-election. My votes and decisions will not be unduly influenced by lobbyists or other donors, but will always be based upon what I see as best for all.

While my life has had set backs and trials as many's have, and the county is not the agricultural one I grew up in, I feel truly blessed to be able to live in what I believe is among the best places in the world, in the greatest country in the world, and through truly great times in human history. In some small effort at repayment for these blessings, I feel duty bound to do what I can to protect this country, state, and county, to preserve the environment and to serve ALL the people of the district, for the present, yes, but even more so, to build, preserve and protect for the children and the future.

It is my perception that the incumbent’s interests lie predominately in amassing political power. He appears to think that just following his party’s line, occasionally tossing favors to those of influence and power, and to appear to serve some fraction of his constituents is enough for his re-election, while he builds a political machine in the heart of Orange County. For many reasons, he deserves to be replaced.

I am not looking to be a career politician, but to apply my intelligence, knowledge, experience and energy to truly discerning and serving the best interests of all residents of the district, the state and nation in these critical times.


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Ken Arnold

Ken Arnold is the Democratic Candidate for the 68th Assembly District.
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