Arnold For Assembly (2008) updated 04/21/2010

I am running for California's 46th Congressional District in 2010

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  I again express my deep appreciation and gratitude to all those that supported my 2008 campaign for California's 68th Assembly District. While we did not get the victory that most had hoped and worked for, our very strong showing definately had an impact and has changed the political dynamics in central and western Orange County for the better.

  If you are here about the 2010 race for the 68th Assembly seat, I have decided not to run there but to endorse and support Phu Nguyen and to fight for a Democratic victory.  We must secure real representation for the people of the district and change the power dynamics in Sacramento so that the state government may again serve the needs and wishes of the people of the state. Please visit Phu's campaign at

  Please come visit my Congressional Campaign website at
and help us win the battle for good and effective representative government for the 46th Congressional district, for California and for the nation.   
  While you are here, let me tell you about some very important party activities here in Orange County that urgently need your support.
  The Democratic Party Booth at the Strawberry Festival is an important piece of the party's outreach and visibility in the central part of Orange County. The 3-1/2 day festival attracts over a quarter million guests each year and each year the 68th AD PAC sponsors and staffs a great booth to represent the party, its values and its candidates. We invite local and statewide candidates to provide literature and invite them and concerned Democrats to help finance this and the many other actvities of the 68th AD PAC. To learn more and donate click here. 

This year's Festival is May 28-31 so your prompt contributions are much appreciated.

  The City of Huntington Beach puts on the largest 4th of July Parade in the western United States. It attracts over 300,00 people to the parade route and perhaps millions more viewing on television. The Democrats of Orange County have for many years marched and had a float and band. We are proud of the great presence we show in one of the most Republican cities in the county and are proud of the many awards we have won there in the past. A strong showing is important in this election year. The relative small cost of our participation comes back many fold in the energy and inspiration of the people seeing us and of those participating, yet we often have trouble raising the cost. .

Our continued participation in this parade is in great jeopardy due to slow fundraising for it this year. The financial strain on the sponsoring organization may keep it from 'stepping up" again, unless we manage to get more contributions toward the cost. We urgently need your donations soon!!.  Please contribute whatever you can at

 While you cannot fully appreciate it without being present for the sounds, the sun, the sea air and the great crowd interactions, you can view some of my photos from previous parades on Flickr 2006 2007 2008.2009 


The Democratic Party of Orange County has great plans for this and coming years. We have some truly great opportunities ahead of us and many very engaged Democrats and a strong volunteer force. However, to accomplish all that we want and need to, we also need money. Please consider making a donation toward turning Orange County blue and giving the more than 1/2 million Democrats of Orange County the representation that they deserve. 

U.S. Flag

The 67th Area Wide Alliance hosts a Flag Day on the Saturday before the Monday holiday (which many do not get off from work) for all the patriots in the entire county, especially the Democrats and those that care about our veterans. Most of the net proceeds of this fun event are usually directed to charities serving the needs of our veterans and of those still in active service to our country. Typical fare is great inspirational and patriotic speeches and music served up with hot dogs, apple pie and such. This year's event will again be at the Elk's Park at 11551 Trask Avenue in Garden Grove, CA. Gates open before noon on Saturday June 12, 2010. Please come.


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Ken Arnold was the 2008 Democratic Candidate for the 68th Assembly District.
Friends of Ken Arnold, FPPC ID# 1305976

Ken Arnold is now the 2010 Democratic Candidate for California's 46th Congressional District

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